Our Mission

The purpose of our child development program is to meet the social, emotional, economic, and developmental needs of the children and families we serve.

Our Program

Our Program focuses on a developmentally appropriate environment that allows children to be active explorers and encourages learning through play, movement, music, stories, and fosters social interaction with other children and adults. Smallville Preschool, Inc. provides for a balance of small group and individual time, active and quiet time, and indoor and outdoor opportunities to meet the needs of the children.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy of child development allows each child to plan what they want to accomplish (Goal Setting), accomplish what they have planned (Meeting the Goal), and recall what they have actually accomplished (Reflection/Evaluation). Children learn through play and exploration how goal setting affects their lives and that they can be in charge of many of the choices in life on the way to fulfilling their short-term and long-term goals.

Children with and without special needs benefit from exposure to and interaction with one another. Children with special needs deserve the same opportunities as other children to learn through play and social interaction. Any special therapeutic or behavior programs required should be integrated into a developmentally appropriate childhood environment and should not become a substitute for it.